Connection Problems

Just downloaded and installed V. 2.0.3. I am running Windows 8. I have connected a cassette player to my brand new Dell XPS 8500 via a cable with RCA jacks (red and white) from the Line Out output on the cassette player. The other end of the cable is connected to the “Line In” audio jack (light blue) on the back of the computer. Power is on to the cassette player and based on the channel level indicators on the front of the cassette player, it is playing the cassette.

It is obvious the computer/software is not recognizing my cassette player. Tried this on two different cassette players with the same results.

I have tried every combination under “Edit - Preferences” as shown below and still no recognized output.

Any help on this problem?


When I try to set up the input device, here are my choices:

Interface – Host
Choices are:

  1. MME
  2. Windows Direct Sound

Playback - Device
Choices are:

  1. Microsoft Sound Mapper – Output
  2. Speakers (Realtek High Definiti
  3. Realtek Digital Output (Realtek
  4. AMD HDMI Output (AMD High Defin

Device – No Device Found

2 (Stereo)

This is the generic instruction set for recording. Slide over the pieces that don’t apply to you .

I do have one Windows machine that does not recognize its own soundcard, but mine is an oddity (I hope). You appear to be doing everything right, so it should be a system setting – and I’m guessing in Windows. Maybe not inside Audacity.

Audacity is a complete slave to what Windows is doing.


And nobody knows anything about Win8. Welcome to the Early Adopter’s Fog.


Device – No Device Found

Windows says there are no recording inputs… It thinks there is no line-in and no mic-in… You either have a driver problem or a Windows configuration problem. You may have to “enable” the inputs (I have no clue how to do that in Win 8), or check for driver updates, or you may have to wait 'till Realtek learns how to write Win 8 drivers. :frowning:

(I have no clue how to do that in Win 8)

How do you do it in Win7? That may get me out of trouble. Koz