Connection problem Audacity to Reshow Super USB Cassette

I am using Windows 11 and have downloaded the updated 3.3 Audacity upgrade. I have set up up the Recording Device for Reshow on Audacity - USB PnP Audio, and my Reshow is connected to a USB port on my computer. However, when I play my audio cassette and push the red record button on Audacity, or try to set monitoring levels, I receive the following error note - “Error opening recording device. Error code -9999” How can I get audacity to connect with my recording device??

You may not be able to. These Super Cassette players are notoriously unreliable. You can try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. Also see: Error codes - Audacity Support

Thanks, I did try Transport/rescan, but no success. I sill look up error codes.

Did you save your receipt ?

No, it was a gift I received several years ago, so don’t have one. I just thought I’d try to use it.

You might try another USB cable.

If the headphone output works you can connect it to line-in on a regular soundcard in a desktop/tower computer. Or of course, a regular cassette deck will work the same way. Most laptops only have microphone-in (and headphone-out) which can sometimes work but it’s not correct and you won’t get the best quality.

With a laptop you need a USB audio interface with line inputs. The Behringer UCA202 is popular and (relatively) inexpensive. BUT, if it’s a problem with your computer settings or drivers you’ll likely have the same problem with a different USB device…

Thanks for the instructions!

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