Connection of Kawai KDP90 digital piano to Audacity

Hi, Brand new user so please be kind. Apologies if I have missed a post already posted on here about this.

I have a Kawai KDP90 digital piano that I wish to connect to my USB Behringer UM2 audio interface (which is hooked up to my Dell laptop). There are two 1/4" (I think thats what you call them) jack outputs… not sure why there are two… please tell me if I am being a bit dim. What kind of Jack lead do I need to connect my piano to the audio interface please? On the interface, I have 2 inputs; microphone and instrument 2. Would I plug in one end to the instrument 2 input?

Very grateful for any and all advice.

Thanks :blush:

Your question has nothing to do with Audacity. :confused:

You need to connect one of the two headphone sockets from the piano to the interface input.
It’s unclear whether you can use a guitar-type lead with ¼ inch mono (TS) plugs , or will require a stereo lead (TRS)…

text says stereo, but illustration is mono jack plug.png

If the output from the piano headphones is stereo you need a cable with ¼" TRS plugs on each end,
Otherwise a ¼" TS guitar-type cable will do.

Now the bad news: because the piano has two headphone sockets, rather than headphone & line-out,
connecting your piano to the interface will disconnect the piano’s internal loudspeaker, so you’ll have to listen to the piano via the other headphone socket from the piano, or the headphone output of the interface.

Your piano has midi output, but that’s of no use to the Behringer audio interface, or Audacity.
[Other interfaces & other computer-software can understand midi signals & translate them a wide variety of sounds].

Hi Trebor,

So sorry if I had the wrong forum. I wasn’t sure where to post. Very grateful that you replied though and even more grateful for your thorough and helpful reply.
So it might be that I will have to record the piano by aiming the mic at the piano speakers pote tially. Never mind :neutral_face: