connection help!!!!!!

I have a Mackie 24-4 mixer, connected via the “tape out” (RCA) ports into my computer factory “line in” port witha 1/8 inch plug. I not only have NO ability to record, but my mixer shows what looks like (on the level display) a solid feedback tone, even though there is no sound at all - not even feedback or static. My intention is to record audio, fed through and mixed through my mackie, and burn it onto CD. ANY help, please!!!

Step one. Find out if there’s anything coming out of the Mackie.

Plug in a straight RCA to RCA cable into the Mackie in place of your computer cable. Touch your earbuds or headphones to the other end of one RCA.

Play something. You can turn down the Mackie monitor system or other speakers. It may not be loud and it may only be on one side, but there should be music or sound in your headphone. Check the other RCA. They should both work.

OK so far? Plug your computer adapter cable back into the Mackie and the computer. Where, exactly did you plug it in at the computer? What kind of computer is it and do you have separate Microphone and Line-In connections? this is a very common place to get burned. Most Window laptops do not have Stereo Line-In.

Do you like to use Skype or other conferencing software and do you like to record internet audio?