Connecting to Cantabile

I am a new user, using Audacity 2.4.1 on a Windows 10 pc

My goal is to use a MIDI inputting device to produce a recorded piano-sounding track with Audacity. My initial reading up on Audacity indicates it will not accept a MIDI input, so what I am trying to do is use Cantabile Lite with a piano plugin as an input to Audacity. To this end, I have Cantabile set up with a piano plugin, am able to see it accepting MIDI inputs

What I cannot figure out how to do is get the outputs from the Cantabile plugin to serve as inputs to Audacity. I can’t “see” Audacity from Cantabile, and I cannot see as an input to Audacity the output of the Cantabile plugin.

I’m pretty sure it’s just some setup issue I am missing. Any suggestions welcome.


If Cantabile is playing sound through your computer’s sound card, you will probably be able to record it using one of the methods described here:

“Stereo Mix” may be the easiest if available, but many Windows 10 computers don’t have that.
“WASAPI loopback” is generally the best method, though some older sound cards may have buggy support for WASAPI.

I am really thinking the main issue is more with Cantabile than Audacity, although I am not sure of that. I am (hopefully) attaching a screenshot that shows my audio setup along with Cantabile.

Right now I am using a simple keyboard as my midi input, and when I press a key on the keyboard, some green lights (see attachment) light up. I think that is showing the the midi input and outputs of the plugin are working, but somehow there is no connection working for the output.

You can also see the current audio setup in the screenshot. For what it’s worth, if I turn on the metronome I can hear it from the speakers. But no sound is coming thru from the keyboard.

Any more suggestions?

Sorry but we don’t support Cantabile (I’d never heard of it). Their support channel is here: