Connecting Sennheiser mic and Behringer Mixer

I’m new to recording but have played acoustic guitar for a long time.

I’ve got a Sennheiser mic and a Behringer Mixer.

On my macBook pro I don’t get the option to change the headphone port to input so I’ve gone this route.
I’ve connected the mic to the mixer and think I’m getting the correct signals that the mixer is hearing the mic.

I’ve bought a USB cable to run from the mixer to a USB port on my mac.
I’ve changed the preferences in sound and in Audio MIDI and in Audacity it looks like it knows my input is coming from the USB.
Output is to the internal speakers of the mac.

I’ve tried recording and the signal remains flat.

Any ideas anyone?


Sennheiser makes thousands of mics and Behringer makes hundreds of mixers. Which?

macBook pro

13"?? I thought the 13" MBP would do that. Did you check in Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input?

I don’t think the Airs have recording any more, but I thought the MBPs did.

While you’re in System Preferences, you should see a bouncing blue ball sound meter that will tell you if sound is getting to the Mac at all.

Can you plug earbuds into the mixer and hear yourself?


Thanks Koz

No, some macBooks don’t have the option to set the headphone port to input - aggravating
It’s a Sennheiser AKG 10005
and a Eurotrack MX602A
macBook Pro 13" bought last summer
I can hear sound from mic when connect headphones to mixer - bad buzzing though
Can’t see any bouncing ball?

Internal sound is fine - Garage Band works with the default inbuilt mic.


Eurotrack MX602A

Great. Discontinued Product.
What documentation I was able to find doesn’t say anything about USB, so it’s a straight analog mixer. If your Mac has no Analog Stereo Line-In, than you’re a candidate for a USB sound adapter like the Behringer UCA202.

You can take the Tape-Out of the mixer and put that into the UCA202 and plug your Mac in in place of my PC.


If you can’t get clear sound with your headphones plugged into your mixer, then you need to address that first. Audacity is going to record what you hear.


Thanks a lot Koz
I’ll try that little box
Thanks for your time