Connecting my Keyboard - PSR-E333

Dear friends,

I have connected my Keyboard with the USB cable and it works in all other Audio platforms such as Fl studio, etc. But in Audacity, I can’t find it on the microphones. Please help me as I need it for an urgent cause.

If that’s a MIDI connection its not going to work with Audacity. Audacity is not a MIDI application.

As a work-around you can use a Stereo-Audio-Cable from PSR-Headphone-OUT to Computer-AUX-IN or to Computer-Microphone-IN

The headphone-jack of the YAMAHA-PSR needs 6.3mm-STEREO plug, the Input on the computer needs a 3.5mm-STEREO plug. So you need a adapter, which comes often as an accessory of headphones or cost only some cents: