connecting mixer to dvx100 cam


I’ve got a Behringer Eurorack UB802 connected to my panasonic dvx100b cam. I’ve got the cables going from the main outs into the 2 xlr inputs on the cam. Now I’ve got everything recording fine, but the strange thing is that the camera only picks up the sound from the mixer if I have it switched to mic, not line. According to the manual and to the all the video folks I’ve talked to, that shouldn’t be what’s happening, since it is a line in, not a mic that’s connected directly to the camera.

Does anyone here have an idea why this would be the case? It is still recording when I switch it to mic, but the audio levels peaked dramatically so I had to reduce the channels on the cam to pretty low so there wouldn’t be so much peaking. And even though the sound is fine now, I’d rather be doing this the proper way, so if anyone has an idea, I would appreciate any input. The only thing I could think is that my mixer is really bottom of the barrel, I bought it new but it was the cheapest and smallest available, just a 2 xlr inputs. I heard something about how line out/in is preferable because of having more power or less sound or something, so I was thinking maybe my mixer is not powerful enough for the camera to pick up a signal on line, but it can on mic?