Connecting iPad to Newest iMac

How do i connect my iPad as recording source to newest IMac? Do i need a cable with lightning connection at both ends?

my iPad as recording source

My spidey sense is telling me we need to go back one step. You can’t be wanting to use the microphone in the iPad because you could just use the one in the iMac. So why do you want this connection? Lightning is terrific and neat, but it comes with traffic-copping that will not allow certain connections.

I know how to do it in analog-land. Take the headphone connection of the iPad and adapt it two dual RCAs. Plug them into a Behringer UCA-202 and plug that into the iMac.

Substitute the iPad for the mixer on the right.

No traffic-copping. Anything you can play on the iPad would be available, and even though it goes through the analog step, I bet you can’t hear the difference.


Thanks—I’ll give it a try!