Connecting electronic drums to Audacity

I have plugged my drums through a USB A to USB B port to my pc, how do i record what is played?

Thank you very much ^^

Do your electronic drums send audio or MIDI over the USB?

Can you give us a link to the specs for your drums?

That’s proabably NOT a USB audio connection. It’s probably [u]MIDI[/u] and Audacity is not a MIDI application.

If you have an analog line-level or headphone output, you can record into line-in on a regular soundcard. If you have a laptop with only line-in and headphone-out you’ll need a USB audio interface with line inputs. (Don’t get a “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.)

If you’re using the headphone output for recording you’ll need a [u]Y-Splitter[/u] so you can connect headphones (or an amplifier) at the same time. It’s possible to listen through the computer but there will be latency (delay) so it’s best to monitor yourself directly.

Here are the drums, i was also looking to send the drum sounds over through my mic into Discord, thing i haven’t found yet how to do if you guys have an idea how to do that

"Digital Drums 430 Electronic Drum Kit by Gear4music "

Coonect the “output” jacks to “line-in” on the computer to record what the drums are playing.

Thank you very much!