Connecting Digitech RP 255 [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.0.5

I have connected the Digitech RP255 guitar effects pedal via USB, and it is showing in audacity as the input. However I hear no sound. I have speakers connected, and also tried the headphones. No luck. What am I missing?

Forgot to say my operating system is Vista Home Premium.

Use Device Toolbar to choose the playback device you want to use in Audacity.

If you mean you cannot hear while you are recording, enable Transport > Software Playthrough… in Audacity. However you will probably get less latency if you monitor in the headphones of the RP255 rather than in the computer sound device.

Make sure you have the RP255 drivers from

If that does not help please be as precise as possible as to what the problem is.


Thank you. Working now. I also found that on the windows toolbar right clicking the speaker icon brings up drop downs for recording and playback device, and with Digitech set in all four places, both of those and in Audacity, it works. Thanks again.

OK, I will mark this as [SOLVED] and lock the topic.

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