Connect radio-cassette recorder to laptop

I have a few old cassette tapes of my kids that I would like to transfer to dvd. I have a Panasonic radiocassette recorder (RX-D26) which has a phones jack (plug type 3.5 mm stereo). I would like to get a cable to connect the radiocassette to my laptop (Dell Studio 1558), which has a single microphone socket (listed as an audio in/microphone connector). I cannot find out what sort of plug (size, stereo or mono) will fit it. Also, if I buy a suitable cable, will I then be able to use Audacicity to process the data? Suggestions, please, on the best approaches. Many thanks in anticipation.
Brisbane, Australia

According to it has separate outputs and inputs, so the input will be 3.5mm TRS. The input is said to be “stereo microphone” so it is probably a “compatible” mic that “might” give reasonable lowish quality results without distortion from a stereo tape deck. You need a stereo 3.5mm TRS to stereo 3.5 mm TRS cable to connect to that mic input, but due to the quality issues you would be better with a USB interface that has a proper stereo “Line-in” input meant for strong signals such as from a tape deck.

See this set of Tutorials

which includes

Note that your computer does not officially support Windows 10, only Windows 7! It is therefore possible you may have problems with recording from the built-in audio. If so, you may have to buy a USB interface that is compatible with Windows 10. The Behringer UCA 202 should be so compatible.