Configuring RPi with IQaudIO DAC+ to work with Audacity

I am running Raspbian (Jesse) on RPi3 with an IQaudIO DAC+ sound card. I am using Mplayer with upmpdcli front end and controlling with BubbleDS control app from phone.
This setup works very well and plays music served from NAS by minimserver.
I now need to edit some of my sound files and would like to do this on the RPi suing Audacity.
I have installed Audacity from repo site but it will not run correctly, I think because of the way I have alsa set up but seek help here as I am well out of my comfort zone.
When Audacity opens I get a reduced screen rather than the normal opening screen I get a screen with a “Backtrace” button. If I open this I get the following lines under a heading Function Prototype:-

1 AudioIO::getPlayDevIndex(wxString)
2 AudioIO::HandleDeviceChange()
3 AudioIO::AudioIO()
4 InitAudioIO()
5 AudacityApp::OnInit()
6 wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)
7 main
8 __libc_start_main

Please could somebody advise how I should proceed.

We don’t officially support Raspbian, but I’ll try to help if I can :wink:

Sounds like Audacity has hit an “Assert”, which means, something has happened that should never happen, or, something has not happened that should always happen. Either way, it is effectively a “crash”.

Is that the full text? If not, can you post the full text?

Hi Steve,
That is all there was. If there are log files anywhere I could send them, just not sure where to look.
Many thanks for the reply.

That’s a rather minimalist backtrace. It doesn’t give much to go on.
It looks like Audacity can’t initialize your audio device.

Have you tried running Audacity without the IQaudIO DAC+ with vanilla Raspbian?

Hi Steve,
Not yet. I think I may need to tell Audacity where to find the audio device but am going to pause this thread as I may have other problem which is preventing Audacity or anything else from working. In short I have now lost all sound! Time flies when you are having fun. Will get back to you when I have basic system up and running again. Many thanks once more,