Configure Mixer

Is there a way to configure the mixer? I’m part of a local theater group and have to record anywhere from 15 to 20 tracks at one time.
I’d like to be able to stack the mixer (10 first row 10 second row) so I can fit them on a second monitor…
Is there any way to do this ?


The Audacity “Mixer Board” is very basic - It can’t do that.
Perhaps you could just use the track gain and pan sliders rather than the Mixer Board?

Windows guy here.

So, as Steve says, the Mixer Board is very basic. I’ve never done this, but I’m thinking that a machine with a high-resolution monitor might help overcome your difficulty.

Also note, as the board is very basic, there is currently no “automation” - so any dynamic changes you might make won’t be recorded and will not be integrated into a finished product - unless of course you use a third party to record the (mono/stereo) output.

Is there a third party plugin that might work? The mixer we are using is an Allen and Heath QU-32. During a recording the guy running sound has enough
to do without watching the recording.
Any ideas?


So I seem to have misunderstood what you were looking for.

Audacity cannot be used to adjust the gain on individual tracks during a recording. The track gain control only adjusts the the output levels of tracks that have been previously recorded.

If you have previously recorded, say, a 10-channel show, and you wish to create a stereo file, you could:

  1. Make a single gain/pan adjustment to each track, then Export the audio to create a stereo recording,
  2. Play the 10-channel recording in Audacity, continuously monitoring the output and making appropriate adjustments to the gain/pan controls to achieve the desired stereo output. Typically, you would use a 3rd-party (which could be a stand alone recorder, another computer, a different software package, or even Audacity via loopback) to make this (also stereo) recording.