Conan doesn't recognize MSVC version

I’m on Windows 10 trying to build Audacity 3.1.3
This is the error message CMake gives:

CMake Error at cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/conan.cmake:59 (message):
  Conan: Unknown MSVC compiler version [1930]
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/conan.cmake:189 (_get_msvc_ide_version)
  cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/conan.cmake:433 (_conan_detect_compiler)
  cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/AudacityDependencies.cmake:233 (conan_cmake_autodetect)
  cmake-proxies/cmake-modules/AudacityDependencies.cmake:274 (_conan_install)
  CMakeLists.txt:541 (resolve_conan_dependencies)

My versions:
Windows: 10
Audacity: 3.1.3
CMake: 3.22.3
Python: 3.10.2
Conan: 1.46.0

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2022
Version 17.0.5
Visual C++ 2022 00482-20500-27946-AA303
Microsoft Visual C++ 2022

Thanks for any help,

For troubleshooting Audacity compiling issues, please use the #compiling channel on the discord server: Audacity dev