Computer Crashes while Recording

I am using Windows 7 on a Desktop with Audacity 2.1.1 and I am also running Media Shout 6

I open Media Shout and run a slide show manually. I also open Audacity and start recording a church service. I click on the Audacity ICON on the bottom windows bar to view Media Shout again. I go back and forth many times. I start and stop the Audacity with each section of the church service.

My main question is after I click record after about 3-4 time the computer shuts down.
This has happened 2 Sundays in a row during service.

Also each new recording stays on the same track ( the first and only line). I have the same Audacity on my home computer and each new track is a new line below the previous. Actually I don’t mind it all on the same track just curious why this is?

I hid your email address. It’s a really bad idea to post a hot email address on the forum.

Depending on Audacity version, you can “tune” the behavior of Stop/Start—whether or not it stays on one line. Right this second I can’t find the preference, but there is one.

Audacity does not Play Well With Others. A good way to produce unstable behavior is to run Audacity at the same time as another sound program—such as Media Shout 6.

You can’t see it, but there’s a digital fist-fight going on over who gets to run your computer sound services. Sometimes Audacity loses.

If it reliably crashes after the third or fourth time, don’t stop the recording if you have enough room. Record everything and go in later and edit your brains out. The natural limit for perfect quality stereo WAV files is something like three hours. Six hours in mono.

Audacity Project format is not recommended for this.

FLAC files can go longer. MP3 is not recommended for production.


Preferences > Recording > Options.


Thanks for the information. I guess I’ll just make 1 full recording of service and edit out what I don’t want.

Windows use to have a wave capture program, can’t find it in windows 7. Is there a program that I can stop and start recordings without effecting media shout 6 ?

Windows use to have a wave capture program

  • Windows Sound Recorder
  • Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment

That can be your search term. I’m not on Windows.

Do you have to stop Audacity? Can you use Record Pause (P key)? P again to pick up where it was.

That can be another problem if the two different program’s hot keys collide. Recording that way is just not recommended.