Computer crashed and won't load the recent Audacity project

Hello, I need help.

I was about to export my recording (has been saved before), and then my computer restart itself (I assume it crashed also as I didn’t do anything). After the restart, I tried to open my previous project to export the files, it has no auto-recovery message, but then it said, “Audacity did not recognize the type of the file ‘D:/files/… .aup’. If it’s uncompressed, try importing it using 'Import Raw.” I tried to load other projects and they load just fine, it’s only the recent project. :frowning:

I’m using the latest Audacity, my OS is Windows 7

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

That’s either because you are trying to “import” the .AUP file as if it were an audio file, or the .AUP file is hopelessly damaged.
For Audacity Projects you must use “File > Open”, or double click on the .AUP file.
For Audio files you should use “File > Import > Audio”, or drag the audio file into an open Audacity window.

That means that Audacity did not find any temporary files in its tempory folder, (and I think also no audtosave file).
Had the project been saved at any point prior to the crash? I presume that it had otherwise there would not be a .AUP file. Please fill in the missing details.

I’ve tried that also, the “File > Open” one and the double click .aup file.

Before the crash happened, I had saved it. I was just about to export them when my computer turn into blue screen with those ‘white font data analysis’ for about 1 second and restart itself. If there wouldn’t be an .aup file, what would the extension be? Is there any way to recover that project?

When you save a project it creates a file with a “AUP” file extension, and a _data folder.
For example, if you saved a project and called it “thursday” then it will create a file called “thursday.aup” and a folder called “thursday_data”.
Do you have both the AUP file and the _data folder?
If you do, how big is the _data folder?

I have both, the _data folder is 621MB big.

So what exactly happens if you double click on the .AUP file?
You’ve not moved, renamed, or otherwise changed either the .AUP file or the _data folder have you?

When I double click, it said the same, “Audacity did not recognize the type of the file ‘D:/files/… .aup’. If it’s uncompressed, try importing it using 'Import Raw.”

I haven’t done anything to the files since the crash.

If I can’t do anything the the files, does this mean that my project is damaged and there’s no way to recover it?

You need to fix that - please see .

Please attach the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files .


Even though blue screens are a standing Windows joke, by WIn7, they’re pretty rare. You need to have a very serious computer problem to get one. As above, Audacity can’t cause a blue screen by itself, but it can touch other parts of the computer like the sound card which can.

The main drive on a Windows machine is traditionally C:. Are you trying to do live sound production on an external USB drive? That can cause problems. You can do that with a FireWire drive, but not USB.