Compressor Question

I was searching for an alternative compressor (VST plugin maybe?) that would come close to VLC’s compressor settings to edit and save MP4 AAC 5.1 audio that’s too loud in places (action scenes) and too quiet in dialogue scenes. I could not find anything close. VLC’s settings are finer for this type of compression.
with millisecond increments and a 20:1 ratio scale. I don’t know if there are Audacity compressor settings that would come close but obviously can’t match the VLC settings.
Any thoughts?

Audacity’s Compressor does not go as “fast” or as “hard” as that.

There are a lot of free VST compressors available.
This is a good site for finding free (and paid) VST effects:

(I’m not able to recommend any as I don’t use VST effects)

If you really need 20:1 compression ratio, Reacomp or OTT plugin.