Compressor Presets?

I’m not a trained sound engineer so if I want to compress a live recording with many fluctuations in volume throughout so that it’s more consistent, similar to how a radio broadcast from a small live concert might come across by the time it reaches the listener, what settings should I set the Compressor to?
I’m familiar with Sony Sound Forge and use the Wave Hammer to achieve this usually, using a preset called Smooth Compression but Audacity doesn’t appear to offer any inbuilt common settings (which would be very helpful to people like me!).
Appreciate all your help.

Since you’re on Mac you can try the built-in Audio Unit effects.

Go to Effect (menu) > Add / Remove Plug-ins.
Click on each of these then the “Enable” button, then the “OK” button

The Dynamics Processor and Multiband Compressor have a few factory presets that might meet your needs. After you apply them you might need to use the Amplify effect to compensate for the overall reduction in level.

AU effects also support real-time preview.

– Bill

YOU RULE!! Thanks!!