Compressor function

Many of the audios (voice, as in lectures or talk shows) have loud (as in amplitude) sections, and other sections are lower. I’d like to compress these audios so they can be listened to at `low volume´ on the PC speakers. Have found the Compressor HELP section and will send it to the Printer.

Any tips on using this feature? Yes, already have lots of experience with hardware dynamic range expanders like the RG Pro series, and the McIntosh Compandor circuit. Haven’t owned any dBx stuff.

Is there a dynamic range expander plugin available? First need to learn more, and get some experience setting Audacity compress parameters.


I’d like to compress these audios so they can be listened to at `low volume´ on the PC speakers.

That was almost exactly Chris’s goal, except he was wanting to listen to opera in the car. I use his compressor to “level out” a podcast where the two performers have wildly different volumes.

This is no processing, default 0.5 compression and the one I use, 0.77 compression. At the 0.77 compression, the podcast show can be made to sound indistinguishable from the show that went through the broadcast compressors.


Is there a dynamic range expander plugin available?

I assume you don’t have a specific application? Expanders are used either to put the volume range of the original performance back where it was (in which case you have to know how it was compressed. See: Dolby) or as a special effect.

Very few people have a music system which will withstand expanding or the time and determination to recreate the venue experience, so the tool tends to be a celebrity.


Actually no, there’s no real application… just asking.

However if I could drop an anecdotal side note. Have owned a McIntosh 2205 system for almost 30 years, and had partied (with beers) while listening to LIVE PERFORMANCE LEVEL ROCK at home using the 2205 with an RG Pro-20 Dynamic Expander… and oh man, it was awesome. The 2205 had enough headroom, and my living room had hard wood floors… just like many bars! The C33 preamp has a Compandor built in.

You know, Pete Townsend has hearing damage and a permanent ringing in his ear. Hello… answer the phone! Lol

Let’s stay on the Compressor topic, ok thanks.

Steve has an experimental Peak Limiter / Expander that I use for expansion.

Chris’s Compressor which Koz mentions does expansion if the Compression factor is negative.


Chris was interesting because his design process was upside down. He started with a clear goal and worked backwards instead of starting with a kitchen cabinet of tools and effects and working forward. If your application was similar to Chris (mine was) you plug it in, turn it on, maybe adjust slightly, dust off your hands and go make tea.

On the other hand, would you have any idea what the threshold bite point is or what attack and release times sound like? I know what they are and I can’t always make them do what I want.