Compression Gain Reduction


I’m currently editing and cleaning up some live radio programs. I often find that I need to use compression. I know Audacity uses an “offline” model for effects processing however I’m getting a bit frustrated because I can’t figure out how to monitor gain reduction - is this possible in Audacity?



Is that, programs on the radio that you are recording, or live shows that you are recording to go on a radio station?
If you can give a clear picture of what you are doing, we may be able to offer some suggestions / tips / tricks to help.


They’re recordings of live shows recorded from the studio desk to a portable recorder. I’m editing the shows for podcasting.

Then you are not using Audacity to record, correct? So are you looking for the controls in Audacity Compressor to have an effect when you preview?

Audacity doesn’t do that yet, but it might happen some day.


Thanks. You’re right, I’m using Audacity only for the editing not the recording (I don’t do the recording).


I found Chris’s Compressor is a good simulation of the US Broadcast Compressor.

Change the first number, Compression, from the default 0.5 to the new 0.77 and the compressed sound appears remarkably like the local KPCC broadcasting the same show. Some shows I listen to in the car are unlistenable without that.

Yes, unprocessed podcasts are a big surprise for someone used to the highly processed broadcast sound. I’ve never run into this problem, but people post that the first and last handful of seconds could experience unusual behavior. Put some silence into those areas and the problem should go away.