Compression Driver Harmonics

Hi! I have been trying to recreate the harmonic response of compression drivers.

Basically I have a square tone, the higher in frequency the louder even harmonics are generated.

This should also work with voices/etc as it sounds like rectifier distortion.

I am trying to recreate the harmonic response heard from this video:

Could anyone help me?

The siren has odd & even harmonics …
spectrogram & frequency analysis.png
https ://

Yes it does, I am trying to match the even harmonics on my square wave.

I didn’t watch the video but the [u]Distortion Effect[/u] has several options (including odd & even harmonics) and there is an optional [u]Harmonic Enhancer Plug-in[/u].

I’ll try experimenting again with the distortion plugin.

Thanks for your responses!