Compressing WAV file to 44.1k?

I am trying to upload wav samples into Second Life, however they are larger than the 44.1k limit set by SL. Could someone guide me on how to compress a wav to 44.1k?

Thank you.

You may mean resample to 44100Hz, (not compress).
In Audacity 1.3 “resample” is in the “Tracks” menu.

Shows how much I know :laughing:

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

This “second life” wiki seems to confirm my hypothesis …

Knowledge Base says, “Valid sounds are any .WAV file in standard PCM format, > 16-bit/44.1kHz> /mono or stereo (which will be converted to mono anyway), less than or exactly 10 seconds in length. (10.000 seconds is fine, but 10.001 will fail to upload; to the degree of one sample makes a difference.) Sounds cannot be saved as 8-bit, 22.05 kHz, or any other frequency. Sounds in other formats can be converted in most sound programs. An example of a free quality converter is r8brain. There is currently > no support for compression formats > such as MP3.” Another very useful application for converting your sound clips to 44.1kHz .wav format is Audacity

to convert to 44.1kHz

Open your track

Highlight track and choose edit menu >duplicate
change top track to 44.1 (and delete top track?)
highlight second track
check project rate ( bottom left of Audacity-44.1kHz)
go to top menu “Project” > quick mix

cut any excess off end
adjust volume
save as …

That’s rather a roundabout way of doing it Geenman.
The straightforward way is as Trebor wrote: Tracks menu > Resample.

i have Audacity 1.2.6
in the track’s drop down there is no “resample”
only “set rate” …and when i use this, it changes the rate, but the
audio pitch gets tweaked into the unuseable.

If i am doing something wrong, can you plz post how it should be done?
Thanx :slight_smile:

Audacity 1.2.x is obsolete since November 2005, the program code of your Audacity version is more than 7 years old!

I don’t think that anybody can remeber how this worked in Audacity_1.2.x, because it’s too long ago.

Yes, the problem is that you’re using an obsolete Audacity version. The current Audacity version is Audacity_2.0. Use Audacity_2.0 and then use “Resample” from the Audacity “Tracks” menu.

  • edgar

It’s strange… i downloaded the new Audacity on my other comp,
and then tried to DL the same file on both 1.2.6 & 2.0
the 2.0 didn’t recognize the file, but the old 1.2.6 did.
Do i still have to DL the LAME thingy for 2.0 mebbe?

Thanx for any help,

I think you mean FFmpeg …

FFmpeg 0.6.2 for Windows and Mac listed below should be used with the > latest version of Audacity

[ LAME is not required to play audio files, but is required to export (convert) files to MP3 format ]