Composer name repeating on Multiple export?


I’m importing a bunch of FLAC audio tracks to convert to mp3. I’m using the ‘Multiple Export’ option to do this but upon completion it has copied 1 random composer name from one of the tracks and repeated it on every single MP3?? Surely I don’t have to manually do this for every single instance on each track? It copies all the individual track names fine!

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Try [u]MP3Tag[/u]. It allows you to select all files in a folder at once to edit the common data, then you select one file at a time for the title, track number, or anything else unique to each track.

It can be tricky converting between formats because the metadata fields are different. (MP3Tag can handle most file formats, it’s not just for MP3.)

I’m importing a bunch of FLAC audio tracks to convert to mp3.

If all you are doing is converting from FLAC to MP3 (without any editing) try [u]TAudioConverter[/u]. Once you’ve set-up the output format and location, it’s just drag, drop, and click, and you can convert multiple files at once.

Well Audacity is converting fine so I don’t see the need to use another piece of software. It’s just whatever setting I try it just won’t seem to add the ‘Artist’ names on the individual tracks… it just chooses one random artist name from them all and repeats it on all tracks for some reason, I can’t work out why its behaving like that? I mean it names and numbers all the tracks absolutely fine and does a nice quality convert!


Audacity has one set of metadata per project.

When using Export Multiple, you can enter information into the Metadata Editor before starting the export.
Export Multiple automatically adds track numbers to the metadata, counting up from ‘1’.

If anything else in the metadata needs to change from one exported track to the next, you have to do that manually.

Hi Steve,

So it will add track names but if I want the artist names I have no choice but to input each one manually, is that correct??


No. It will add track numbers to the metadata.
If you enable the option “Show Metadata Tags editor before export”, then you will see what it is doing, and have the opportunity to update fields as necessary (this option is enabled by default).

Sorry I probably didn’t explain very well. What I mean is that when converting it IS adding all individual track names and album name over fine, it’s literally just the track artist that it’s not. But what it is doing is adding one of the artist names randomly and then repeating this on every one of the other tracks.

I’m not sure whether I’m doing something wrong or what you are saying is that the software simply just won’t do this?