Complete tutorial on meeting ACX Specs Live

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post here. I keep seeing a lot of people having difficulties meeting the ACX specs. I’ve created a tutorial on Udemy and wanted to give away that to Audacity members for free…that’s my way of saying thanks to audacity.

There you go:
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The web page says that it is free for the next 20 hours only, and then it will cost 24.99.
Is this just a “promotional offer”?

Also, it requires a “Udemy” account. If you really want it to be free for Audacity users, why not upload it somewhere where it can be downloaded freely (such as YouTube), or are you hoping to sell it commercially after 7th Feb?

Angy, I think that the Mastering Class from Koz is really amazing. AudioBook Mastering version 4
I suppose if people are already on Udemy there might be more in your course to help them out.
Unless you are giving coupons to all of the forum users to get the course for free.

I bet you’re wondering why there are no Audacity videos about audiobook production. I agree it would be a beautiful thing, but only valuable until the next Audacity version. Then it’s a good chance we would need a new video. We have all we can do to keep up the printed word instructions through updates and changes.

ACX has (or had) videos on their site. They showed a full-on, double glazed, soundproof door, walk-in sound booth constructed in somebody’s house. Of course, it worked fabulously, but most of the reading public really wants an $80 microphone on the kitchen table. And the $80 is optional. There are forum postings about how to get refrigerator noises out of a performance. Basic disconnect between The Real World and utopian splendor.

Another shift happened with the introduction of the RMS Normalize plugin. Before that, there were no tools to directly set RMS or loudness. There is a successful process to master that way, but it’s insanely complicated and long. Poof. New video.

There is one other problem with videos. Nobody ever takes them down. Making a new video is a lot more attractive than taking down a bad or misleading one.

So while videos are cool and desirable, keeping them up is a full time job and there are not enough full time humans to go around.