complete nub.

i’ve looked through other topics on here and noticed that you have to have a sound card with multiple inputs to record multiple tracks at the same time. i was just curious if someone would be able to tell me if this external soundcard would add the necessary inputs to be able to record four tracks simultaneously.

thanks in advance for the help.

someone please help if you can. i have no clue on this stuff. thanks a lot.

Multiple tracks are not normally done with the sound card. The computer and sound card are just the recorder (formerly tape machine) and the real production is done in increasingly more complicated sound mixers.

I don’t know if we reviewed any multiple-input sound cards, but you can start here.

I personally have used one of these for multiple microphones…

…but I am working with deskside PCs, Linux desksides, and Macs. All have analog Line-In connections. If you’re on a PC laptop, you’re stuck with a USB device.