Complete Beginner - Audio sounds echoy/reverby?

Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10 x64

Hello, I made a video recording through OBS studio and the audio came out sounding like it had a slight echo/reverb. I am not sure what happened since my other recordings are fine. I have attached a sample of the recording. Are there any tools that can fix this? Please note that I am a super beginner at audacity. :confused:

I don’t know of any audacity tools that can remove echos. Also, when editing, it is always best to start with a .WAV file when you can.

Having said, that, I did a google search on “how to remove echo from audio in audacity” and came across this YouTube video entitled, “how to remove echo sound and wind sound in audacity”, by Tulsiram Tech. Following the instructions in the video, I came up with this recording (see attachment), which, unlike the video, seems to be more intelligible.

Before you make any more recordings with your PC, check that all microphone enhancements are turned off:,you%20can%20disable%20all%20effects.

You’ll need to fix that before you make another recording. There are no good tools to “clean that up.”

That’s a good one. I can’t decide if that’s feedback, microphone distortion, or plain old room echo. May be more than one problem.

Have you been able to make a “clean” recording after this one?

Were you listening to speakers or the laptop sound system during that recording? I have a laptop which does that kind of thing when I make a recording with the speakers up by accident. Headphones always when you make a voice recording.

I’m really interested if this a forever problem or not.

You can really go down a hole with this. Do you like Skype or Zoom? They can leave voice processing behind by accident, even when they’re off.

I know this old hat, but did you restart the Windows machine?