Compile with ASIO support for Multi-track recording

I am a linux user but have a team of people I’m working with that are Windows 10 users and they need to do multi-track recording using Audacity. I have scoured the search engines for a step-by-step “compile audacity with asio support” without any luck. Does anyone have that information or would be willing to work with me one-on-one?

Unless they are using sound cards with bad drivers, they probably don’t ‘need’ ASIO with Audacity.
Audacity doesn’t do “real-time”, so low latency is irrelevant.
I’d suggest that you you suggest that they try using WASAPI (set it in the “host” section of the device toolbar).

If they don’t like that suggestion, then here’s the short answer page:
and more detailed steps for building on Windows are here:

Thank you Steve for the links. I have seen these and I could use a little more detail as I have never used MS Visual Studio nor compiled a program on the Windows Platform with this tool. I’ve downloaded the files and get lost is some of the details. Telling the client to use something else isn’t an option. They have a right to their choice of tools. I would really like to get this to work.

Telling the client to use something else isn’t an option. They have a right to their choice of tools.

And you have a right to be paid for your work, or for any work you subcontract. Maybe you should educate your client… Do they really want to pay for a couple days of “programming”? …Just to use an open-source audio editor that’s not really designed to be a multi-track DAW?

I would assume there are some “pirated” ASIO versions of Audacity around, or I assume some users “share” a copy, but Steinberg seems to police it rather tightly.

I am a linux user…

But your not a Linux programmer, right? Compilation is normally done by a programmer, especially when it comes to installing & configuring a compiler and configuring a project.

I’ve never compiled Audacity, but I’ve done a fair amount of programming over the years and whenever I’ve installed a new compiler my goal for the 1st day is to get it installed & configured and get “Hello World” compiled. I’d guess it would take me at least two days to compile Audacity. A more experienced windows programmer could do it faster, but some unpredictable issues always show-up and those can take an unpredictably-long time!

Okay. I am seeking help compiling audacity with ASIO support on the windows platform. I have 30 years experience in the tech industry. I’ve created programs in Visual Basic v3.0 to 6.0, Gambas and Python. I have a basic knowledge of c/c++ such as compiling “hello world” and designing and compiling a “textris” clone. So I believe I will be able to grasp quickly any concepts and requirements to complete the tasks I am asking about. If you require payment for your assistance we will be able to discuss that up engagement. With all respect, if your reply doesn’t further my efforts in accomplishing the stated task please refrain from posting it. Thank you for respecting my wishes.

If you require payment for your assistance we will be able to discuss that up engagement.

I’m sure there is someone here who’s done it, but since this is a user-to-user volunteer forum and the Audacity developers are also unpaid volunteers, it MIGHT not be the best place to solicit a contract programmer.

I assume you’ve looked at the [u]Compiling Audacity Sub-forum[/u]? There is a long (and long-term) discussion about ASIO.

Of course, there are some advantages if you can iron-out the problems and do it yourself… You might want to re-compile again whenever Audacity is updated.

The details are all important.
My main OS is Linux. I’ve managed to build Audacity on Windows 10, but I was just following the same instructions as I gave to you (well slightly worse instructions as some of the instructions have now been updated and improved).
I’d suggest that you try building Audacity without ASIO first. Once you have the build environment set up and a little experience with VS, adding ASIO to the mix should be fairly straightforward (so I have been told - I’ve never tried it myself).

Ensure that you get the right version of VS or you are likely to have major problems.