Compile with Asio support for Mac

Hi all,

Where can I find instructions to compile with asio support for Mac?
I only found some instructions for windows (in win/compile.txt).


There are no explicit instructions. Do you need ASIO support? Audacity on Mac will usually record multiple channels if the CoreAudio drivers of your sound device do so without the need for ASIO.

It should be enough to install the ASIO SDK and then define the ASIOSDK_DIR environment variable. If you need help building Audacity the Wiki instructions are probably more up-to-date. If you need more help, it may be easier for you to subscribe to audacity-devel and ask there.


Thanks Gale, much appreciated.

I’m using a NI Audio 8DJ soundcard which needs asio support.
Using the regular build, only the first two channels (out of 8) can be used.