Compile 2.2.2 on Ubuntu 17.10

In order to compile 2.2.2 on a rather clean Ubuntu 17.10 I had to install the packages below in addition to the required stuff as described in the documentation on wiki.

There were no complaints during ./configure


In order to run ./configure without complaints, I had to install the next packages in addition to the ones named in the documentation.


As indicated in the alert (red) paragraph at the top of the wiki page, that page is out of date.

The instructions included in the source code are kept up to date, but are aimed primarily at developers (who are expected to be able to sort out dependency issues):

For the benefit of less experienced users, I periodically post step by step instructions here on the forum. The most recent such instructions are here: (obviously I am not able to give detailed instructions for every version of Linux, so I generally focus on a recent release of Debian or Ubuntu).

If you would like to post step by step instructions for Audacity 2.2.2 on Ubuntu 17.10, I’m sure that will be useful for others.
Note that most of your missing dependencies would have been available if you had installed the “build-essential” package.