Command to move to next label

Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon
Audacity 2.12

Is there a command to move the track selection point forward or backward to the next label?

I have added a label track and created labels at the start of each piece of music in the file. There are 18 labels in all. I am looking for a way to move to the next or previous label without scrolling along or back along the track.

I have found the answer to my own question.

Pressing the “Tab” key moves forward one point label at a time. Pressing “Shift+Tab” moves backwards one point label at a time. I haven’t tried it with the other types of labels but presume that the actions will be the same.

The Wiki explains how to create the various types of labels and how to delete them. It seems to fail miserably when it comes to explaining what the different types of labels are actually used for, and how to move about using labels.

There are only two types of label, point and region. Tab and SHIFT + Tab works for both types.

There is no “2.12” version of Audacity. The next 2.1.3 version will have additional shortcuts ALT + RIGHT to Move to Next Label and ALT + LEFT to Move to Previous Label. These shortcuts move the edit position to the label, without needing to have focus in the label track, and without opening the label for editing. If you issue the shortcut while playing, playback restarts at the requested label.

The version of Label Tracks - Audacity Manual for 2.1.3 will mention Tab and ALT to navigate labels. That page has “Features of a Label Track” at the top which says what labels can be used for.

If you were hoping to set in and and points, like a video editor, Audacity doesn’t do that, because we would use a single region label.


Thank you for the information Gale. It is good the hear. I realised after I posted the answer that I should have said that the focus must be on the label track in order to use the short cuts I noted.

The change you have told me about will be one of those little improvements that make a program that little bit more user friendly.

I am sorry about the version. I left the second point out. It should read 2.1.2