command or switches for audicity 1.3 Beta

hi, my name is josue and my question is:

does Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode ) have command lines or switches…
just like sound recorer “sndrec32” (the one the comes with windows)… i am writing a program for one on my class and i need to open Audacity and start recording without having to click…

i am looking for something like this, but i dont know if audacity have it.

play = plays open file
open= only opens file
new= creates a new file

but this are the only commands for sound recorder "sndrec32, do you guys know if Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode ) have some commands…

The command line options for Audacity are very limited. All you can do with Audacity from the command line is open files and that’s all.