Command line operation

Hi all.

I am using audacity to record our church services and I wanted to start uploading them to the web I am looking to automate the process of record, convert and upload. As part of this process i wish to use a Filename of a specific name such as 121104am.

To ensure that the name is always correct format I want to write a script to create the Filename from the date, start audacity with that Filename, and when finished recording convert the file to mp3 and upload it to the web server.

I have seen some traffic on command line operation but no notes on it being available.

Would this be possible, or sorry if it is alrEady discussed on another thread.

Thanks in advance


Whereas Audacity does have a batch service called “Chains,” I’m not so sure it has much of a command-line system. It would make programming Audacity something of a nightmare because remembering we have to do it in all supported languages and three different computer platforms. Koz

Audacity has some experimental scripting support, but you would need to build Audacity from the source code to enable it.
A much simpler option would be to use a command line application for the recording such as SoX

Audacity already does some commandline processing if started from a CLI. To add the features you need would require some pretty complicated C++ programming but is quite doable. See my post on this general topic here: