Combining tracks possible?

We have ripped a CD and now have a file with 20 unnamed tracks (2 albums on cassettes); all in WAV format. So far so good. Now, how do we link the tracks in order to edit metadata and export for burning a CD for each album? We’ve tried “Tracks” > “Add New Track” > “Audio” but that doesn’t seem to work; it combines the tracks and everything plays simultaneously. Any and all assistance greatly appreciated!

So far you have very high quality CD Rips. Do NOT involve MP3 anywhere in the process. Stay with WAV format.

Did you get metadata with the rip? I’m surprised because Audio CDs do not normally carry titles or metadata. When you play a CD on the computer, the computer goes on-line and looks all that stuff up. It appears that the album cover graphics, song titles, etc. are right there, but really they came from or other service. If you put the CD in your (older) car, it will be song 1, song 2, etc.

You can just pile all your ripped songs into Windows Media or the CD Authoring Program of your choice, click/drag/arrange them as needed and burn. Audacity doesn’t burn anything.


Thank you, Koz. We did not get metadata from the rip; we use Audacity to enter it and really like that feature.

Is this solved? You seemed to be asking a similar question before .

From the position where you have the songs stacked one above the other in Audacity, File > Export Multiple… ( ) and split files based on tracks.