Combining Separate Tracks That Should be Continuous

I had a concert recorded by an overzealous recording engineer who put tracks into the recording. Unfortunately they are wrong. I have one song which is cut off part way through, and which continues on a new track. I am trying to just copy and paste the new track into the end of the previous one, but I always get a click sound instead of a continuous sound.

Before I copied, I chose “Edit” and “Find Zero Connections.” After pasting, I did “Effects” and “Click Removal” but to no avail. How do I combine the end of one, and the beginning of the next, into a continuous product with no evidence of cut and paste?

You could zoom in on the join, (zoom-in until you can see sample points on the waveform), and use “Repair” which will smooth any discontinuity at the join which is causing a click.

However If there is a missing bit between the two pieces of music, even just a tiny fraction of a second, there will be a glitch on the transition even if they are joined together smoothly without a click: it will be possible to hear the join if a tiny bit of music has not been recorded when the track was split.