combining multiple audacity files

I have a macbook(5.2), 2.13 ghz duo intel, 4gb, with the latest version of audacity for mac. I put the audio from cassette tapes on a power pc g5 imac, then copied the files to my stick, then copied them to the mac book. There a a ton of files, even though I put them on the original computer one side of a cassette at a time. When I try to open a “cassette” side in audacity to edit it, only one file (only a few seconds) appears.

Are there any tricks for importing the project without importing each file separately??

Thanks for any help.

If you just want to transfer the recording to the other machine, “Export” from the Audacity project (“File menu > Export > Audio”) to create a normal audio file (for example a WAV file), then transfer the WAV file to the other machine.

If you want to move the entire Audacity Project to the other maching so that you can work on it there (editing / processing), then see this article for how to safely move a project:

I copied the folders “as is” and did not change the names, but I think it wants me to save it as a wave file before I copy it.

If you see an error message in Audacity when opening the AUP project file from the stick, please tell us the exact text of the error message.

If “it” that wants you to save a WAV is not Audacity, please tell us what “it” is.

If you can still open this project in the PPC Mac, I suggest you simply File > Export as WAV, put the WAV on the stick, then import the WAV into Audacity on the new Mac.


“It” is audacity. I am not getting any error messages, but like I said, when I try to open the whole project, audacity only opens one file. What I was thinking is exactly what you said about reopening the file on the ppc and saving it to a wav file.

To open an Audacity project, you have to open the AUP file, not the individual AU files.

If you are saying that you only see six seconds of audio when you open the AUP file from the stick, then the project’s _data folder was not copied correctly to the stick.



A week ago I copied about 400 samples to a USB stick, transferred them to another machine. About ten or so had a dropout of several seconds.

USB sticks and SD cards are not the most reliable media, especially for audio.