combining multi-channel WAV or FLAC extracted from DVD-Audio


I recently purchased a software product which enables me to extract multi channel audio from DVDs including DVD-Audio. Unfortunately, this software does not permit creating a single WAV or FLAC file combining all (or some) the chapters on the disc. So I am stuck with individual files for each chapter. If I load these files onto a USB flash drive, my Blu-Ray player can output them in multi-channel to my receiver via HDMI. But there are audible burps between tracks. The only way for gapless playback is to have these files combined.

What I would like to know is if is possible to import a set of 6 channel 24 bit, 88.2Khz WAV (or FLAC) files into audacity, combine them, and then export the combined file as 6 channel, 24 bit and 88.2Khz?

Thank you.


This morning I tried importing the first 6 channel 24 bit 88.2Khz FLAC file into Audacity. It showed 6 channels and all of them said “mono”. Then I imported the 2nd file right underneath. But when I selected all files and tried to join them, each channel was separated out. I would like to keep the 6 channels intake and simply join the two files together into one, maintaining the 6 channel 24 bit 88.2Khz properties upon export.

Any Ideas?

Audacity cannot play multi-channel sounds, but it can import and export multi-channel files.

By default, when you export from Audacity, the tracks will be mixed down to mono or stereo (depending on whether it is a mono or stereo show), but you can override that behaviour by changing one of the Preference settings to allow a “custom mix”. See:

Hi Steve:

My problem is joining 2 of these files together which foobar will not allow me to do (get an error) even though they play in foobar.

Any way to join two six channel files together?


Yes, but it’s a bit tricky.

When you import a 6 channel file, you will get six channels appear in Audacity. These may appear either as 6 mono tracks, or as one stereo track + 4 mono tracks.
Let’s refer to those 6 channels as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

When you import a second 6 channel file you will get another 6 channels appear in Audacity below the first 6 channels. (let’s call them 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12).

To be able to see what you are doing you will need to zoom out (see and unless you have a huge monitor you will need to “collapse” the tracks to minimum height (“View menu > Collapse all tracks”).

What you need to do is select channels 7 to 12 and drag them to the right using the Time Shift tool. Drag them until the start of tracks 7 to 12 match up with the end of tracks 1 to 6.
Then export, using “custom mix” (see:

. Unfortunately, this software does not permit creating a single WAV or FLAC file combining all (or some) the chapters on the disc.

Just FYI - The problem is your DVD ripping software. The chapters on a DVD are not in separate files, there is simply a “marker” for the chapters.

With DVD2MPG (free) or Corel Video Studio I can extract a continuous audio/video file from an unencrypted DVD. From there I can use Audacity (or a number of other tools) to open/extract the audio, or I can export the audio to a WAV file with Video Studio. ( We don’t discuss how to crack encryption or copy protection here.)

I don’t have any tools for DVD-Audio, but the VOA files are not broken into chapters either. The~1GB VOA files in the AUDIO_TS folder are structured like ~1GB VOB files in the VIDEO_TS folder on a regular audio/video DVD.

Steve and DVDDoug:

Thanks for the information.

I opened up a support ticket with the vendor concerning the inability to combine DVD-Audio chapters into a single multi-channel WAV or FLAC file. It can be done with multi-channel from standard DVD, so why not DVD-Audio.