Combine multiple AUP3 projects, adding up the tracks?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve recently recorded several audio cassettes using Audacity. Really nice to work with!
I’ve unfortunately chosen to record each tape in its own project, assuming it’d be trivial to combine them later to a single project.

However, I fail to be able to get the recordings (stored in .aup3) files from one project as additional tracks into another project.
I’ve web-searched a bit, but found contradicting things, and maybe it works on a different OS?

I’m using Xubuntu Focal 21.04.3 (64bit) and Audacity AppImage v3.1.2

Any help greatly appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a reason why you need to combine them into one project? Working with very large projects is much more demanding on the computer, so it is often better to split large tasks into multiple smaller projects.

I believe the company line is that you should export to WAV from one project, close the project, then import the WAV into the second project.

On Windows, I have had luck when I do this:

  1. “Select” a track from the Track Control Panel
  2. Copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl+C
  3. Keeping the original project open, open the second project
  4. Click on any open space in the Track area
  5. paste with Ctrl+V

I do not know if this works with *nix.

Although it seems to work fine for the limited times I have done this, I have heard reports recommending to NOT open two Audacity projects simultaneously. In any event, backup your projects first.