Combine Label Names For Export [SOLVED]

windows 10
audacity 2.1.0
zip file
I have a multi track file in which i used “Add track at selection” to complete and it plays as i want it.
Problem: when the file is open in audacity each label shows correctly in the timeline horizontally but each label is also separated into a separate track bar scrolling down beneath the music file. So when i try to “export multiple” it only exports the first track. So how do i put all the labels on one track bar so they read horizontally across in one track bar below the music file as shown in the manual?

clearly user error somewhere along the way as i made the tracks over several days saving each time before closing and it seems like it should be easy but ive tried many and cant see the problem else where. thank you very much for any help

How did you do that? Audacity does not have anything called “Add track at selection”.

sorry i meant 'Add Label At Selection"
Steve surely you are aware of that option right?

is there really no one who can help me with this? second option is to delete all labels and do it again something i was trying to avoid

How many audio tracks do you have? If you have multiple audio tracks you need to type the song name for each track in “Name” in the Audio Track Dropdown Menu. Then Export Multiple and change it to split files based on tracks, not based on labels. The label track is then disregarded for Export Multiple.

If you only have one audio track, you will have to copy and paste the labels one at a time into the uppoermost label track. Click in the control panel of a label track whose label you want to copy. This selects up to the label. Edit > Copy.

Then click in the uppermost label track itself (not the label track control panel), press HOME on your keyboard, then Edit > Paste.


Hi Gale, yes i have 22 tracks and i have them named already but when i try to change from labels to tracks in the export multiple box tracks is greyed out. doesnt seem to matter which other options i check but currently under name files i have the first one and also at bottom overwite existing file is checked both default. do you know how to make “tracks” a live option?

If you have labels and audio tracks present, Export Multiple should give you both labels and tracks as an option.

By “audio tracks” I mean Audacity audio tracks stacked one on top of the other.

If you only have one Audacity audio track, but 22 label tracks stacked one on top of the other (meaning you have to scroll up and down the Audacity window to see all the labels), then you would have to copy and paste the label in each label track to the uppermost label track, as described.

If this is the problem, you only need to use Tracks > Add Label at Selection to add multiple labels to the same label track. There is no need to use Tracks > Add New > Label Track, if you were doing that, even for the first label.

If you still cannot get it working, can you View > Fit in Window, View > Fit Vertically then post a screenshot of the Audacity window? You can do that by holding ALT + PrtSrc, open Paint, Paste, then save as a PNG file. See How to attach files to forum posts.


As you stated above i think this is the problem. I have attached a screen shot. This is exactly what i tried to ask about in my very first post but it must not have been very clear. Is it basicly that I have labels marked out where they go in the music track only they are not applied so the music track still plays as 1 long track?

Anyways , I read your repair instructions to c/p but i sorry i dont understand. If you could explain the copy and paste of labels again i would really appreciate it and hopefully put this one to rest
prtsrn tracks.PNG

OK. Note also that typing the name in each Audacity label track has no effect. You only needed to type in the labels.

I thought copy and paste of the labels was the most intuitive - the “control panel” of the label track is the area where you named the label tracks (as opposed to the labels). You would click underneath the area where you named the label track to select all of that label track.

There are two other methods I know of.

Method 1
You would click in the blue waves directly above where the label is in the second label track.

When you see the yellow vertical line this indicates the mouse has snapped to the exact time position of that label. Then press DOWN arrow on your computer keyboard, retype the label and ENTER. Do not use Tracks > Add New > Label Track.

Repeat by clicking in the audio track above the other labels.

Method 2
This method will save you retyping the labels.

Hold CTRL on your computer keyboard and press A to select the entire project, including all the label tracks.

File > Export Labels… . This will save a TXT file that when imported, creates a new single label track containing the label positions of all your current label tracks.

You will be offered to save the file as “Jessie’s Wine.txt” which is how you have named the final label track, but you can name the file as you want.

Then File > Import > Labels… . Click on the TXT file you exported then click “Open” to import the label track. You should see the new label track at the bottom of the project, showing all your labels.

Then click on the [X] at extreme left of each of the other label tracks that only have one label to delete those other label tracks.

Now you have only the one label track containing all the labels. Export Multiple split by labels (it will be the only method available).


that worked perfectly, just what i needed thank you very much

Am I supposed to delete the post after I am through?

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