Colorbar on the spectrogram visualization

Hi, first of all I want to thank those who work developing this great tool. Here is my suggestion:

It is necessary to add an indicator that shows the relationship between intensity and color (usually known as “colorbar”) to the audacity spectrogram, which can be selected and appears in a floating window, that reference would be very useful to perform analysis in the Time-Frequency domain

There are only five colors in the Audacity spectrogram.

Not a gradual colorbar as you have drawn …
too many colors 4 Audcaity

I understand that certain specific colors (white, orange, magenta, violet, black) are defined for specific discrete values, however, it seems that there is interpolation when going from one color to another, right?.. the spectrogram image without accompany it with a reference of the intensity that “represents” the color (representation that will change according to the specific configuration of “gain”, “range”, that is used in it), it is like a one-dimensional signal without a scale in the ordinate axis

There’s a strong optical-illusion that makes uniform bars of color appear to have a gradient …

My understanding is that the Audacity spectrogram is a ~3bit-depth color palette.