collapsed track will not expand.

I am using Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 7.

I have one track of music and 4 additional tracks of voice which I recorded at different times. Each track has a control pane in the left margin. At the bottom of this control pane is an up triangle or a down triangle that allows you to collapse or expand the track. I normally have the first track expanded and the other four tracks collapsed.

I found that after you export to MP3, the last track can no longer be expanded, which means that you no longer have access to the controls for this track (mute / unmute, etc). I consider this a defect. The other tracks can be expanded or collapsed as needed. Now that I know, my circumvention is to add an additional track that I do not care about.

Tracks can be resized (vertically) in two different ways, which can be a bit confusing :wink:

  1. You can resize a track by dragging the bottom edge of the track with your mouse.
  2. You can “collapse / expand” tracks.

The second option (collapse / expand) is not quite the same as “resizing”.
It’s rather like changing the size of a window on your Desktop. You can resize the window by dragging an edge or corner of the window, but you can also “minimise / maximise / restore” the window. The “maximise / restore” button in the corner of the window allows you to toggle between (almost) full screen, and whatever size you dragged the window to.

Collapse / expand is much the same. You can “collapse” to a minimal vertical size, or “restore” back to “normal” size, where “normal size” can be dragged shorter or taller.

When a track is “collapsed”, the button on the bottom of the left end of the track points down “v”, indicating that it can be “expanded”.
When a track is “expanded”, the button on the bottom of the left end of the track points up “^”, indicating that it can be “collapsed”.

What I suspect is happening is that the “normal” size of your track has been resized to a very short height, so when you toggle between “collapsed” and “expanded” you see no difference. The solution is to click on the lower edge of the track and drag it down with your mouse.

Very short track can occur if you use the “Fit Vertically” option in the View menu. “Fit Vertically” will resize the tracks (as if you had resized by dragging) so that all tracks will fit (if possible) in the track area of the window. When working with a lot of tracks it is usually more convenient to use “collapse / expand” rather than “Fit Vertically”.

Thank you for the explanation. I was able to expand it by dragging the bottom edge, as you said. However, I am pretty certain that it I did not manually drag it be collapsed. When I export to MP3, the last track is changed somehow.

Can you give step by step instructions for how we can reproduce the issue.