Codec G.729

A client is asking to deliver files : Codec G.729 (Attributes= 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7 kb/sec)
Is there a way to batch-convert files in switch to this format ?

I don’t know and I never do batch processing with Audacity…

Before you start batch processing, do you know how to convert/create one file “manually”?

If you know how to convert files one at a time, you can probably convert 100 files faster than you can write and debug a batch script.

I presume that you mean “Switch Audio File Converter Software” by NCH.
That product has nothing to do with us. I’d suggest that you ask NCH if you require support for one of their products.

In case you’re wondering, Audacity does not support batch converting to G.729.
There’s a free program called “SUPER” (by erightsoft) that can probably do it.