Cockpit noise removal

I picked up an adapter, designed for pilot’s headset use, to record my flight instruction sessions. I’m looking for a bit of help in pulling out the noise. I am not attempting for ultra clean sound here, just trying to knock out the background hum enough to make out the speech without getting a headache. I tried a high pass filter at 1,000 Hz, it helps a lot but the voices are pretty garbled and the background noise is still quite prevalent.

Suggestions would be very welcome. Note that as I take off and land the engine speed varies a lot although it’s fairly constant in this 30 second example: Again, not trying for perfection, just trying to knock out the worst of the noise.

It’s not that bad when it’s live.

Never post work that you already tried to help. Between those filters and the MP3 file damage, that’s the end of the story.

So we need a sample of the original material – the cockpit capture. Mix it down to mono and Export as FLAC. Post that. I think we have a 2MB file limit.


That is the original, untouched material as an MP3. I posted what I tried to improve it but not the resulting files. I grabbed a longer sample, converted it from .WMA (original format) to .FLAC and mixed it down to mono. Here it is:

That’s more better.

I didn’t bother with reduction, so the file is huge. That’s high pass filter at 300Hz and then gentle noise reduction – 12dB, 150Hz, 0.15 delay. The noise reduction is going to fall apart as the plane changes speed, as it does at the end.


Wow, that’s great. I’ll try that on the whole recording. Thanx.

You’ll have to apply a new noise reduction every time the plane changes speed. The trick is finding a good place where there is plane noise and no voices for the profile step.

Oh, and Effect > Amplify at the end to bring the volume up.