clipping during playback of recording using audacity

Below are to sound files, the second sample is of a new sound I’m hearing when I record off my mic after I upgraded to the newest audacity. I am running OS Mojave 10.14 with audacity 2.3.0

It just started after the upgrade… any thoughts on what’s causing it and how to make it go away.

Update… This is weird…the first sample (the wav) is what I hear when I playback the downloaded recording straight through my VLC player. It sounds fine…

but when I play back through audacity, the clip I just recorded or when I paste the downloaded clip into my audacity and play it back it has the clipping (The mp3 file)

I’m stumped. All my playback settings are set to about the middle…so I don’t think I’m overloading anything.

Any ideas what’s causing the playback through audacity clicking clipping sounds?

Thanks for your help!


it has the clipping

Do you shut down the Mac to zero, wait a bit and then start it after you do an update?

I don’t think it’s clipping. There’s nothing in the clip (past the terrific P-Popping damage) that could cause that. I couldn’t find any obvious processing damage, either, but then I wouldn’t because we’re listening to a second acoustic recorder.

See if there’s anything here.


I’ll try that and let you know…