Clipping audio after speed change ...


Could anyone tell me how to fix the clipping I had after changing the speed and pitch of the audio clip?
I could send you a sample before and after the change for comparison.

Thank you.

“Clipping” will not occur if your track is “32-bit float” format.

Do you really mean the “Change Speed” effect (

The “Change Pitch” and “Change Tempo” effects will cause a certain amount of distortion (it may sound like a rapid echo). Using the “High quality stretch” option will usually sound better, if it is available in your version of Audacity (Debian builds currently disable this option).

Hello and thank you.

I don’t have the “High quality stretch” option, but just started the “Sliding Stretch” and I think it works.

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Problem solved.
Thank you all :slight_smile:

I was wrong.

Not solved yet.
Still needing help.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

I assume this is the problem to which you were referring. As steve indicated, (permanent) clipping will not occur due to the magic of 32-bit floating point internals in Audacity. Just Effect > Normalize or Amplify prior to export.

If you are still having issues, send those before and after samples. (WAV files preferred)

Thank you.

BTW I did “Sliding Stretch” and it worked.

Best regards.