Clicking sound when starting Audacity

Whenever I start Audacity I hear a clicking sound from my computer. It’s not from the speakers but rather from the hardware itself. It stops immediately and otherwise Audacity works fine.

My sound card is a Xonar. No other apps cause the clicking.

Any else have the same problem?


Please don’t forget to tell us what version of Audacity you are using (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page).

It’s not likely to be a problem. Audacity queries the hardware when it launches to see if it is compatible and to find out the sample rates it supports. Some people hear a noise in the speakers too.


The clicking has happened in all versions of Audacity I used, for the past few years. I am currently using 2.1.2.

I just started Audacity to get the version number, and noticed that there was a big pop in Windows Media Player playback when Audacity started. I closed Audacity, opened it again, and the same thing happened.

Please see my previous answer as to why there is a click. If you don’t like the click you may remove the device query in the source code and recompile Audacity. This would also make Audacity start faster.