Clicking noises - are these mouth clicks?

I frequently hear clicks in my recordings (audiobook for ACX).
The computer is in another room, process is on high process priority, Windows 10. Microphone Rode NT-USB.
I can not think of any source in my recording room other than mouthclicks.
These clicks appear frequently and not in room tone measurements.

I attached you two recordings:

  • rapid clicks, which sometimes appear and can be removed with the declick tool from this forum
  • loud clicks, which sometimes appear and the declick tool does not manage to remove them sufficiently

Are these mouth clicks? If not, what else could they be?

“Rode NT-USB” is a mono microphone, but there is a stereo-effect on those attachments:
the tracks are not identical, (not dual-mono).

You can instruct Audacity to record in mono in preferences, ( choose “1 channel”).

I’m not claiming this will cure your clicking problem, but is worth a try.

( Paul-L’s de-clicker plug-in is designed to be used on mono tracks,
If applied to stereo-tracks, unwanted spatial effects can occur ).

gernamindc, I have never done any audio mastering, and I believe Trebor and/or others here on the forum have, but to my ears, I don’t hear anything other than character in either of those recordings. :wink:

The mouth clicks are visible in the spectrogram view

Splashy “loudclick” is actually series of clicks mainly around 10kHz, & only ~2ms apart.
Their closeness is why Paul-L’s de-clicker will not detect then on default settings.

So do you think those are mouth clicks?
Any ideas/settings how to get rid of them? (already played with mic position, distance, etc…)
Ideally I would be able to run a plugin on the entire file, without having to mark the individual locations.

So you and Trebor have much more discerning ears than I do… :smiley:

On a whim, I took Trebor’s suggestion and ran the de-clicker on loudclick changing the step size from 5ms to 2ms. To my ears, the “character” has been essentially eliminated. :smiley: I do not know the downside of this change. :neutral_face:

Also, have you tried recording in mono ?

Thank you for your response.
I tried recording mono, this did unfortunately not work.
Could you please post your full settings for declick?
I changed the step size to 2ms as you suggested but this did not affect the click at all :neutral_face:


I hope this helps. :smiley: