Clicking Noise ONLY at track transition point!

I am only recording VOICE for an audio book. I am creating 4 tracks for every WAV export. So let’s say each track is 2 mins long. At each track transition point for this example: 2 mins/ 4 mins/ 6 mins there is a clicking noise that makes it obvious that track one just shifted to track 2. How do I make this smooth with little or no noise?

Please advise,


The easiest way is to apply a short “fade out” to the end of the first bit, and a short “fade in” at the beginning of the next bit.
For really professional results, use the “Time shift” tool to move the second track so that it overlaps the first track for the duration of the fade (a “cross-fade”).

Clicking at transitions or edits can be caused by DC or battery voltage mixed in with the sound. I have two identical, good quality microphone amplifiers. One produces this error and the other doesn’t. One Internet show has this error. Most don’t.

Before any serious production, you can remove this distortion with an Audacity tool.

Select each clean track in its entirety.

In 1.2, it’s Effect > Normalize > Remove DC (deselect everything else). In 1.3 it moves around. In 1.3.6, it’s Effect > Utility > Remove DC Bias.

For shows already cut, it may be too late. I don’t think you can retroactively remove DC. You will be reduced to covering up the clicks.