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Well everyone i’m new to this forum, hopefully someone can help me out here, need to record a guitar track using a click track on Audacity , never did this before so one of my problems is how can i find out what the right Tempo (beats per minute) is and also the Beats per measure (Bar) is, Thanks.

Generate > Click Track.

The click track creation panel has all the timing information. As to which rhythm is right for you, that’s your decision.


Thanks kozikowski

Forgive me but i’m a complete novice at this, my problem is finding out what is the right timing information to put in, or is there a way that audacity click track can automatically do that for me, is there a program that i could download that could help me out here.

As i said complete novice, Thanks. :confused:

Have you read ?

If you know the speed you want but not the correct BPM, try going here and tapping on your keyboard: .


Thanks Gale, starting to get a better understanding of all this, also in Audacity in the Analyze section there is a Beat Finder, not to sure about this only came across it yesterday, but does that work automatically or do you have to input what you think is the right beats, or both.

Thanks again.

Please read the Manual to find out how features work . Beat Finder tries to detect where the beats are and puts a label point at each beat. You just enter a threshold value to try and help it with the detection, but it is not perfect at detecting beats in music.

However because the beats in a click track are very well defined you can use Beat Finder to label each beat in a click track. This can be useful because you can then use Time Shift Tool ( ) to shift the music to line up with the beats (as represented by the labels).


Thanks Gale you have been a great help, i think i know now where i’m going wrong with this.

Thanks again.