Click track help.

Currently getting to grips with the new version. When I record a stereo track, great no probs. But if I set up a click track silence…I hear nothing.
Mess around with some settings and when I go to record, a red line and arrow appear at the start of the new track and nothing :unamused:

I bet I just need to adjust something…where would be good place to start ?
Windows 10 & a Presonus audio box USB.


I set up a click track

By that you mean Generate > Click Track?
Do your settings look something like this:

And timeline look like this when you get done?
Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 16.36.38.png
Where do we lose it? The click track settings I believe are default. I’ve never used it, so I think those are the factory settings.


Yes matey. Hit play and I can hear the click, then if I hit record silence . :cry:

Is “Overdub” enabled in the Transport menu?
“Overdub” must be enabled (on).
“Software Playthrough” must be disabled (off).

Narrowed the problem down, if I select the computer speakers it records fine. If I select the audiobox to monitor the track it doesn’t record.
Strange, any ideas ?


Please describe, step by step, what you are going, and what the problem is. Imagine that we can’t see your computer (we can’t) and walk us through reproducing the problem.